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 Pool Design

When it comes to swimming pool design, complete backyard design, or hardscape & landscape design; it begins with scheduling a consultation which allows us an opportunity to get to know our clients and take measurements.  We usually ask several questions, but more importantly we listen closely to our clients'  preferences, their likes & dislikes, so we can understand what's important to them and their project.  This information provides us a starting point for creating a custom design. 

 Custom 3D Pool Designs

Planning and attention to detail are crucial when preparing swimming pool designs and complete property design.  A well-planned design ensures not only is the pool design functional and meets our client's needs but that it also fits perfectly in terms of style and available space / property setbacks.  Every aspect of a design is considered, from the pool's shape and size to the materials used and the placement of features such as: steps, lighting, decking, and water features.  We use industry leading 3D design software to design all our new pool construction projects.  Check out some of our OC pool design videos below.

Pool Permit Site Plans

Perhaps you're building your own swimming pool, or you're a contractor looking for assistance, and would like us to take care of completing all the prep and computer work.  We have you covered, we offer our 3D design service and permit ready site plans for a flat fee.  Choose from any or all of the following items that you may need: scaled 3D rendered pool designs, scaled 3D rendered complete property design (backyard, side yards, front yards), Site Plans prepared for HOA Submissions, printed site plans, and full service pool permit ready site plans with structural pool engineering, all applicable notes and ready to submit to your city or county building department. 

Pool Design #1:

Custom Vanishing Edge Pool & Spa w/ Island & BBQ Island

Travertine Vanishing Edge Pool & Spa and Sports Court

Pool Design #2:

Pool Design #3:

Custom Pool & Spa w/ Waterfall & Slide, Patio Covers

Video #4   Artificial Rock Spa w/ Grotto & Waterfall

Video #5   Custom Pool & Spa w/ Travertine Decking & Coping

Video #6  Pool & Spa w/ Artificial Rock Waterfall & Slide Combo

Video #7   Pool & Spa w/ Rock Slide & Grotto, Fireplace, BBQ

Video #8   Custom Pool & Spa w/ Artificial Rock Waterfall & Slide

Video #9   Custom Pool & Spa w/ Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Video #10   Custom Pool & Spa into Existing Slope w/ Water Features

Video #11   Custom Pool w/ Rock Waterfalls, Paver Decking, and Koi Pond

Video #12   Vanishing Edge Pool & Complete Front & Backyard Design

Video #13   Pool Remodel & New Spa w/ Patio Cover & BBQ Island 

Video #14   Free Form Pool w/ Stacked Stone Raised Bond Beam & Garden Walls, Sheer Descent Waterfalls, and Fire Pit

Video #15   Custom Pool & Spa w/ Fire Pit & Water Features

Video #16   Custom Pool Remodel w/ Waterfall

Video #17   Custom Pool w/ Raised Spa, Stacked Stone & Decking

Video #18   Custom Pool w/ Artificial Rock Waterfall, Fireplace & BBQ

Video #19   Custom Pool w/ Stacked Stone Spa Spillway, Paved Decking, and Artificial Turf Lawn

Video #20   Custom Pool w/ Stacked Stone Spa Spillway, Artificial Rock Waterfalls, BBQ Island, and Fire Pit

Video #21   Custom Pool & Spa w/ Patio Covers & Outdoor Kitchen

Video #22   Custom Pool & Spa w/ Waterfalls, Decking, Fire Pit

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